When You Start to Run Out of Memory while Traveling!

We bring a lot of pictures and videos back from our travels, so our memory cards and my MacBook Air can fill up fast. Earlier we tried uploading all our pictures directly to the cloud, but it was in Costa Rica at the latest the we noticed that the WLAN was often too slow for all that data, and you couldn’t just leave your laptop in the hotel room all day.

These days, especially on long trips, our gadget backpack includes above all an external hard drive, which is luckily no longer heavy, thanks to solid-state drive (SSD, for short) technology.

At just 50 grams (about 1.75 oz.), the Samsung T3 Portable SSD is one of the lightweights. There are lots of different memory sizes available, from 250 GB to 2 TB. For our trips, the 1-TB variety is plenty.

The T3 is also very small, which means that it fits easily into our camera bag. Other advantages: it’s very sturdy and is supposed to be able to withstand a 2-meter fall undamaged (unlike the camera bag : ). With thermal technology, the data is protected in extreme temperatures, which was perfect on our vacation in Zanzibar, with temperatures that were easily 40 degrees.

I can connect the SSD directly to my MacBook with a USB 3.1, which means that by importing the pictures to Lightroom, we can store them directly on the SSD, where we can edit them right away and then transfer them to the iMac at home later on.

Amazon sells a T3 with a 1-TB capacity for 399$.

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  • Reply Kathrin 23. February 2016 at 11:12

    Gekauft 😉

  • Reply Willy 23. February 2016 at 12:49

    Cooles Ding! Was mir jedoch etwas Angst machen würde: Mit 1TB Daten im Gepäck nach Hause kommen…. Bis man all die Fotos danach aussortiert und bearbeitet hat, stehen wohl schon die nächsten Ferien an, und somit auch die nächste Ladung an Daten! Ich würd das mal als Datenstress bezeichnen. Detox-Ferien als Abhilfe?

    • Reply Kevin 26. February 2016 at 11:24

      Wir müssen die Festplatte nicht grad ganz füllen 😉

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