Daria Muehlethaler and Kevin Kyburz Paris

Travelhackers Now Speaks English

We’ve been online for two months now giving weekly reports on our travels. Enhanced with beautiful pictures, our posts are already known in the German-speaking countries and have struck a chord. Here we’d like to thank all our readers for their interest, feedback, and support. Today we’re taking it one step further by making it possible for English speakers to also read our blog. That means that both the old and new posts are now available in English.

The blog is set up so that when you access our site, it will recognize whether your preferred language is German or English, and it will provide the content accordingly. If you’d rather read the blog in German in spite of an English-language setting on your computer, you can simply change the language in the menu above.

As of today, we’ll naturally be doing our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter channel in both languages. Feel free to follow us so you can always be right there with us on our travels!


Daria and Kevin

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