Breaking news – that’s what you call it! Because starting today, after a long time preparing, we’re very happy to present you with our new 360-degree platform. After hours of googling, we figured out that we would be the world’s first blog with its own 360-degree platform, which makes us extremely proud.

But enough with the raving! So what’s it actually all about?

Experience the World in 360 Degrees!

Thanks to 360-degree cameras like the Gear 360 by Samsung, anyone can take 360-degree photos and videos, which they can then upload to Facebook and other platforms. From day one, we’ve taken great interest in this development and gave it a try right away.

As a blogger, you really want to integrate your content into your own platform, which is no problem, as you can see from our product test report of May 26. But we were still never totally satisfied to just inserting 360-degree images into our content-heavy posts, so we undertook the project “Travelhackers 360” as early as the end of August 2016. Our goal was not just to provide our visitors with inspiration for their next trip destination through classic blog posts but to make the whole thing come alive. All in line with the motto:

Look around before you go.

What Can “Travelhackers 360” Do?

Starting today, we’ll be regularly uploading our new 360-degree images to our platform, along with a related story that you can access via the “Read” button. To start with, we’ve put together some exclusive images taken from the Zurich Airport tower and the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380. But even our latest trip through the gorgeous country of Croatia is already online as a 360-degree story.

You can view the images on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere. While you’ll have to use a mouse to navigate your way through the images on a computer or laptop, when using a tablet or smartphone, you can explore the place just by moving your device. Smartphones have a VR function for those of you who’d like to view the images with VR glasses. Just the click the VR-glasses button, rotate your smartphone, and put on the glasses. On all other devices, the same button activates a full-screen mode so that no other buttons get in the way. To find out more about what you’re seeing, just use the “Read” button to access the information. But no worries. As always, the full text will still be available here on our blog.

Our Gear

For some time, we haven’t just been traveling the world with a Samsung Gear 360 but with a full complement of professional gear. Although we’re very happy with our equipment, we like to keep trying new cameras, and in the future we’ll probably fill up the digital category of our blog with more product test reports.

What’s Next?

Our to-do list still has a few more projects on it that we’d like to realize. There will naturally be ongoing updates for our 360-degree platform. In addition to the German platform, the corresponding English one will appear in the next few weeks. We’re also planning an Oculus app so that you can view our content even more easily.

Thank You

We could not have tackled such a large project without the help of our great developers from Whatwedo, who take loving care of our blog and, most recently, our 360-degree platform. The empirical data from the Google VR News Team and Max Boenke of the Berliner Morgenpost set us on the right path. And finally, we’d like to thank our designer David Blum, who not only created our logos but also aided with the entire visual design for Travelhackers.


Our thanks to you all.