travelhackers meetup zurich

Travelhackers Meetup in Zurich

Hi all,

Our blog is now almost four months old – a short but intense period of time. We travel more than ever, go on adventures and capture most beautiful moments with the camera.

But why do people travel so often, even if they have a beautiful home? For us it is the encounter with unknown countries and cultures. For nearly four months we share travel stories with you on this blog and hope that they inspire you same way as they inspired us. These encounters – whether unexpected or long-awaited are the magic of travel. Are you ready for a new adventure ? Then our today’s news are just for you :

If you enjoy reading travel stories online, but would like to enrich your experience with real life encounters to learn about most beautiful destinations and ask questions in a fun and friendly environment, come to our newly founded meetup


In these Meetups you will

• Get useful information and tips for most exciting destinations.
• Meet travelers who recently visited there. They will share favorite spots and answer your questions.
• Connect with like-minded people who also plan to go there.

We’re over 100 people and counting. It would be great to have you as well – join us!

Kind regards,
Daria and Kevin

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