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Travelhackers Is Online!

Who doesn’t love talking about their vacation when they come back home? Just about everyone! But when it’s not just your family but also people you know from Twitter and other social media, it quickly turns into an email or 50 direct messages, with photos and stories of your experiences.

So why not create a blog right away? Daria and I got this idea on our vacation in Costa Rica, and it never really let go of us.

But another Travelblog?

Because the net has as many travel blogs as the ocean floor has grains of sand. So what could we do differently? One question quickly led to another: what do we already do differently? For us, the classic travel agency and vacation package had been history for years. We inspire and inform ourselves online. Self-arranged trips are the wave of the future. The digital age makes it possible to put together the perfect trip in just a few clicks. And the demand for digital options, travel gadgets, and visual reports of experiences is constantly growing.

Then in Zanzibar, it was time. After we got some requests for tips and recommendations in just our second week of traveling, we knew the time had come to get the blog project going.

We really want to fill this blog with high-quality, helpful content that totally reflects our digital knowledge and travel experiences. We want to exchange information with you and hear your views. We’d love it if you left your questions and suggestions in the comment section below the blog. Our goal is to share with you whatever we think is amazing and unusual.

Welcome to Travelhackers!

Wie hat euch der Beitrag gefallen? Schreibt eure Meinung doch in die Kommentare und folgt uns auch gleich auf Facebook, Instagram, Twitter und Pinterest. So verpasst ihr nie wieder etwas von uns!

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