Every year, I take a trip with friends over a long weekend. Once we’ve decided on a country, we look for an Airbnb. Since several people can afford a more expensive house together, we’re always on the lookout for special stays, which is how it emerged that we particularly enjoy historic and rustic villas. Houses like that immediately place you in the appropriate mood and set the program. What could be better than jumping in the pool together before breakfast or bringing the evening to a close on a warm terrace after a day’s outing, while the setting sun paints the sky with colors of fire?

I’ve put together a list of the best Airbnb’s for you here:

Villa San Francesco, Italien

A 550-square-meter Tuscan villa in a private park. The rooms have their own names and colors—from apple green to lavender blue, which of course immediately reminded me of my favorite hotel in Zanzibar. Various extras, like the pool and a cooking service, and can further enhance your stay.
best-airbnb-in-italy-villa best-airbnb-in-italy-toscana-pool best-airbnb-in-italy-room-with-fireplace
Price: CHF 415 per night/ Accommodates: 12 people / Bedrooms: 6 / Beds: 12

Château dans le bordelais, Frankreich

I know this French castle in the vicinity of Bordeaux from my own experience and can highly recommend it. Nearly two years ago, we were looking into the area around St. Emilion and decided on this gem. Upon our arrival, there was a freshly baked apple cake and a bottle of red wine waiting for us in the kitchen – what a warm welcome! We felt very at home in the house and park, and we also tried our hand at rowing in the river, unfortunately without much success—but instead we’re now one hilarious experience richer! The home also belongs to a Swiss family, and a French couple lives on the premises and maintains the house.

best-airbnb-in-france-near-bordeaux best-airbnb-in-france-lavender-room best-airbnb-in-france-castle
Price: CHF 340 per night / Accommodates: 12 people / Bedrooms: 5 / Beds: 12

Countryside Cottage, England

I was actually searching for a rock-solid castle, which would surely make for a Hollywood-style adventure. But then this typical English country house stole my heart. Straight out of a picture book—the characters from Agatha Christie’s novels could come from here.

Price: CHF 318 per night / Accommodates: 8 people / Bedrooms: 5 / Beds: 5

Casa Morisca del Siglo XVI, Spanien

Dating from the 16th century, this magnificent and spacious Moorish-style home has preserved the style and atmosphere of an exciting time and enfolds its guests with charm, magic, and well-kept secrets. Three stories include several rooms, a courtyard, and a teahouse, and they provide a direct view of the architectural wonders of Granada. A place that literally breathes history is definitely on my wish list.

Price: CHF 452 per night/ Accommodates: 10 people / Bedrooms: 5 / Beds: 5

Historical farmhouse in the woods, Schweden

This peaceful and beautifully decorated vacation home near Vänern makes you dream of cozy garden parties. A perfect place to grab a book and seek out a nice little spot either in or around the house. And those who want can of course just go for a walk in the woods that lie directly behind the house.

best-airbnb-sweden-farmhouse-in-the-woods best-airbnb-sweden-cozy-farmhouse best-airbnb-sweden-house-to-rent-with-firends
Price: CHF 339 per night / Accomodates: 9 people / Bedrooms: 6 / Beds: 6

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