When the iPad Pro Suddenly Replaces the MacBook

No matter where we’ve travel, the MacBook has been our faithful companion. What before was a MacBook Air later became a MacBook Pro 15”, with an increase in performance but also in weight. I actually don’t mind what amounts to barely 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) more. But if you want to squeeze your camera gear into your carry-on luggage, you quickly start looking for alternatives.

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Phu Quoc – Still Solitary Island of Vietnam

The Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc, which beckons with its white beaches and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, is only about two hours by plane from Hanoi. After a three-week trip through the jungle, it offered us the cold rivers of the caves, a somewhat cool Hanoi sun, and rest and relaxation. We had planned a vacation on the beach.

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Travelhackers’ New 360-degree Interactive Platform

Breaking news – that’s what you call it! Because starting today, after a long time preparing, we’re very happy to present you with our new 360-degree platform. After hours of googling, we figured out that we would be the world’s first blog with its own 360-degree platform, which makes us extremely proud.

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Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and one of the oldest capital cities in all of Southeast Asia. When traveling through Vietnam, it’s practically mandatory to stop here, even if only for a cup of coffee.
Vietnamese coffee tastes quite different from what we’re used to.

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Ho Chi Minh and Our Trip to Vietnam

For us, Christmas and New Year’s are always a time we enjoy spending on the beach, away from the stress of the season. The last couple of years took us to Costa Rica and Tanzania, where it was a lot warmer than Switzerland.

For 2016/17, we decided to spend three weeks in Vietnam, which along with its beautiful beaches in the south also offers adventure tours in the north.

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Mongolia – Land of Records

Areawise, Mongolia is 38 times the size of Switzerland but has only about 3 million inhabitants, 40% of which live in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. It’s little wonder then that this land that’s surrounded by Russia and China is one of the least densely settled countries in the world. Horse lovers will be happy to hear that there are more horses living in Mongolia than people. And in the 13th century, the time of Genghis Khan, the Mongol Empire was even bigger.

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